As log specialist our product range comprises sessile oak, beech, sweet chestnut, robinia, pine, spruce, Douglas fir, larch and fir. According to our customers’ specifications we offer our logs in the requested sorting and quality. We are particularly proud of our high-quality oak wood which we offer at our high-quality wood storage site “Zwiesel” (see chapter tenders). 

Because of the consistent quality we can ensure a reliable delivery to various industries. Among them are wood processing companies such as veneering companies, barrel wood producers, timber sawyers, parquet flooring companies, pole and stake producers, firewood vendors etc. 

Annually, we harvest approximately 15,000 solid cubic metres of wood in our forest: approx. 5,000 solid cubic metres of beech, approx. 4,000 solid cubic metres of pine/larch, approx.  2,000 solid cubic metres of spruce/fir, approx. 1,500 solid cubic metres of Douglas fir, approx. 1,200 solid cubic meters of sessile oak and approx. 1,000 solid cubic metres of sweet chestnut and robinia. 

Furthermore, we buy wood from private forest owners and public forests.

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